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Wednesday - Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Masks are REQUIRED and social distancing guidelines are in use.

We are shipping orders and offering in store pickup.

If you are needing something, please email us:

Please check our calendar for the latest information! Yahoo, and others do not use our correct hours!!!

Gift Card

Purchase a Gift Card:
Amount: $
Add to Cart

Welcome to our Gift Card Purchase module.

Under the words    Purchase a gift card:

You will find Amount $10 and a drop down that looks like a type of "V" behind the 10.
Click on the  vee  and the different amounts that you can purchase come up.
Once you click on the value, hit the Add to Cart button to put it into your cart.
You may keep adding denominations into your cart until you are ready to check out.

After you check out, your receipt will have a   PRINT RECEIPT notification. 
This is for you to print each "gift card" to give to the person who you are giving to.

We do  not give you actual cards for these purchases.  You print off the "card number" and value and give it that way,

  Please email us If you have a problem or concern,      Our email address is: