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No walk-ins. WE ARE OPEN FOR CURBSIDE PICKUP and Window Shopping ONLY!  We are working on opening when the safety of our customers and staff can be ensured.

Please check our calendar for latest information!

Anything with Larene

This day is intended for you to create a personal and special new bag, quilt, table runner, wool item or whatever you wish. She has a fabulous knowledge base and is willing to help with whatever project you would like to begin or are stumped on how to complete the project.
There are many patterns Larene has created, and any can be done in the class with Larene helping show you how to use her pattern. This is your opportunity to make a beautiul bag for yourself or as a gift. Larene has the knowledge to help you with any pattern, not just her patterns, that you wish to use.

Larene Smith is teaching this class to share her amazing techniques. The techniques and knowledge she has will assist you in completing your project successfully. To complete a project may require more than one class session. Use your discretion to determine if you can complete the project on your own.

Anything with Larene

$ 30.00
Full day class with tons of information and assistance.