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No walk-ins. WE ARE OPEN FOR CURBSIDE PICKUP and Window Shopping ONLY!  We are working on opening when the safety of our customers and staff can be ensured.

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Kimberbear Charity Meeting

The Kimberbear is a free pattern for both sewing and machine embroidery. You are invited to join our family of partners stitching bears for children's hospitals, police departments, fire stations, and child and family safe houses or shelters.

We will be holding a meeting of those who want to help make the bears and put smiles on the faces of those who are having a rough time and need a cuddly bear to hold, love and talk to.

If you wish to make them with the group, that is wonderful, if you want to make some at home and bring in for our collection, that is wonderful as well.

Because we are offering this as a sewing project or machine embroidery project, we can help guide you through the first one if you wish. We can also set up stations for those who make the pieces and parts and those who do various assignments in the assembly. Any help you can give would be wonderful. If you would like to take over and be the chair for this, that would be wonderful too! If you would like to donate fabric, stuffing etc, that is appreciated as well.

Kimberbear Charity Meeting