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New Arrow Dealer
Located in Downtown Glendora,
160 N. Glendora Avenue, #E
Glendora CA. 91741
Free Parking Behind Plaza
(626) 852-2223

Beginning Jan. 1, 2020

We will be closed on MONDAYS

Baby Lock: Free Motion Transparent Foot (ESG-TP)


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This clear-view foot offers excellent visibility and control. The spring load will prevent flagging and help keep fabric flat and under control. Great for performing stippling, meandering, and thread painting techniques simply and precisely.

Amelia (BL100A), Destiny (BLDY), Ellisimo Gold 2 (BLSOG2), Symphony (BLSY), Ellegante 3 (BLG3), Ellageo Plus (BLL2),  Esante (BLN), Ellure (BLR), Melody (BLMY), Elizabeth (BL200A), Tempo (BLTP), Anna (BL20A), Molly (BL30A), Audrey (BL67), BL6300 (Previous Model) (BL6300), BL6800 (Previous Model) (BL6800), Crafter's Choice (Previous Model) (BLCC), Decorator's Choice (Previous Model) (BLDC), Denim Pro (Previous Model) (BL16), Design Pro (Previous Model) (BL22), Ellageo  (ESG3), Ellegante 2 - Nancy Zieman Limited Signature Edition (Previous Model) (BLG2-NZ), Ellisimo (Previous Model) (BLSO), Ellisimo Gold (Previous Model) (BLSOG), Ellisimo Gold Collectors Edition (Previous Model) (BLSOG-NZ), Ellure (Previous Model) (ESL), Esante (ESE2), Intrigue (Previous Model) (INT), Quilter's Choice (Previous Model) (BLQC), Ellegante 2 (Previous Model) (BLG2), Espire (Previous Model) (ESP), Ellegante (Previous Model) (BLG), Ellageo (Previous Model) (BLL), Ellure Plus (Previous Model) (BLR2), Espire (Previous Model) (BLSR), Quilter's Choice (Previous Model) (BLQC2), Decorator's Choice (Previous Model) (BLDC2), Crafter's Choice (Previous Model) (BLCC2), Creative Pro (Previous Model) (BL37), Creative Pro (Previous Model) (BL40), Design Pro (Previous Model) (BL23), Maria (Previous Model) (BL23A), Natalie (Previous Model) (BL18A), Denim Pro (Previous Model) (BL18), Xscape (Previous Model) (BL66),